Tour Dates

Date Event Location
house concert Pontiac, QC Pontiac, QC
Club Passim Boston, MA Boston, MA
Sunday Street Concerts Long Island, NY Long Island, NY
Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 New York City, NY New York City, NY
Godfrey Daniels Bethlehem, PA Bethlehem, PA
The Turning Point Piermont, NY Piermont, NY
Sportsmens Tavern Buffalo, NY Buffalo, NY
Naisa Cafe South River, ON South River, ON
The Country Gourmet Cafe & Gallery Parry Sound, ON Parry Sound, ON
Cobalt Classic Theatre Cobalt, ON Cobalt, ON
The Moon Cafe Mattawa Ontario Mattawa Ontario
Neat Cafe Burnstown, ON Burnstown, ON
Black Sheep Inn Wakefield, QC Wakefield, QC
Listening Room Concert Series Perth, ON Perth, ON
Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse Dallas, TX Dallas, TX
house concert Austin, TX Austin, TX
house concert Dripping Springs, TX Dripping Springs, TX
Starlight Theatre Terlinga, TX Terlinga, TX
Alamogordo Area House Concerts Alamogordo, NM Alamogordo, NM
house concert Las Cruces, NM Las Cruces, NM